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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Am i ready???

hey yaw!

It's been a long time kan tak ketemu..:)

Dear blog..I skrg dah jadi wanita bekerjaya..*okay, bekerjaya kah aku?* whatever! well, I'm a big girl now...and yes I am truly a lady..OMG! saya sudah besar.. and not to forget and I'm not to late to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR... *soooooo lame la mya!*

First thing first, rewinds back in year 2012 I'm glad that still alive...thank u ALLAH for giving me this good health and happiness. I've graduated,I have a job and I really love the jobs in fact, i close to my boss! :) Syukur la..not to worry about working anymore as they are to sweet for me.. my hubby also banyak memberi sokongan.

Okay, lets move on to next story yg lebih sensasi...ouch! I'm ENGAGED! surprisingly, yes im engaged on 23rd December last year. How we decide to get married??hmmm? mcm tu jelh! dengan ayat sebegini :
 hubby: honey, Jom kawen..i tak nak la couple lame2 scared anything happen
              we always catching up together ape pulak parents u cakap?
     me : I okay je bie. But then, u tau la kan, I just start working sure we gonna use a lot
             of 'manis' (iaitu duit ^_^) kan? yet, I'm only 21 (mase tu la..skrg dah 22). u rase
             am I ready to be a good wife for u?  
hubby: I dah lama ready sbnrnya. kalau kita tak kawin then when? and smpai bile nak
             mcm ni? u knowla kan, u always nak gaduh dgn i when we are far a part right? I
             cannot tahan like this babe? gaduh baik gaduh baik...penat ape kate
             we ends our relationship with KAHWIN! I ready je ..u tu??
   me  : well, if u say that way. I okay jelah..*without fikir panjang* ;)

Well, majlis risik merisik pun berjalan la setelah dengan GENTLEMANnya si hubby I ini memberi tau dgn the whole of my family..sweet kan? 
So, at that time they tetapkan the tarikh and the reception date the dowry, the mahar and so on la...lalu di sarungkan cincinmerisik ke jari manis ku ini... Wonderful feeling when my atuk told and advice me the challenge of getting married preparation. *i really hope umur atuk panjang tgk cucu kesayangan die ni kawin..:(*  

ermmm oh ya! u guys mesti pelik where is the photo of the ceremony kan.. sad story. there was NO pictures! ade pun dekat dlm camera where my camera is musnah by the memory card!!! sume gambar dissapear..THANKSSSS..

So, that's all for u guys with another entry of my busy life...*ha ha ha* :D xoxo.

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